Wednesday January 5, 2011


Wednesday December 15, 2010

Department Meeting:

1. Share the main "focus points" that will be looked at. (formative assessment, active engagement, scaffolding)

2. Review information from the formative assessment website.


Types of Assessment Strategies

  • Summaries and Reflections Students stop and reflect, make sense of what they have heard or read, derive personal meaning from their learning experiences, and/or increase their metacognitive skills. These require that students use content-specific language.
  • Lists, Charts, and Graphic Organizers Students will organize information, make connections, and note relationships through the use of various graphic organizers.
  • Visual Representations of Information Students will use both words and pictures to make connections and increase memory, facilitating retrieval of information later on. This "dual coding" helps teachers address classroom diversity, preferences in learning style, and different ways of "knowing."
  • Collaborative Activities Students have the opportunity to move and/or communicate with others as they develop and demonstrate their understanding of concepts.

Difference between Formative and Summative Assessments

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